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    like mini-Farming (minus cows)

    A terrific learning opportunity for kids.

    Snap peas, cherry tomatoes and chocolate peppermint can be magical!

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Free SEEDS FOR Market customers!

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Choose from Our Services

Original VeggieBox

Our 6-foot VeggieBox accommodates 16 plants for a varied and satisfying garden experience that enlivens everyday dining.

Custom Plantings

We can create a box to suit your cravings -- for example, a Salsa & Spice box, a SuperFoods box, or a box that features your favorite micro-greens, hot peppers and herbs.

"Tight Spaces" VeggieBox

Accommodating 10 plants, this 4-foot box fits small balconies and other tight spaces. Just add water!

Patio & Landscape Upgrades

Occasionally our crew has time to do patio and garden landscapes and hardscapes. Talk to us about your project!

Greenhouse Upgrade

Extend your growing season with a greenhouse add-on sized to fit your VeggieBox, whether temporary or fixed.

Delivery & Setup

We can delivery and set up your VeggieBox for you. ($50 in our service area.)

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VeggieBox at the Fremont Sunday Market

Fremont and Shoreline Markets


Herb Varieties

Cherry Tomatoes

Tomato Varieties

Snap Peas

Snap Peas

Bell Pepper

Pepper Varieties


Artichokes and more ...

Options & Pricing

'Lil Box

$99 .00

  • 1 foot x 2 feet
  • soil mix included
  • limited quantity
  • all cedar
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Stained finish
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"Tight Spaces" Box

$275 .00

  • 4 feet x 2 feet
  • Cart & Wheels incl.
  • Stain finish included
  • Special Soil Mix
  • All Cedar
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Original VeggieBox!

$349 .00

  • 6 feet x 2 feet
  • *Free Seed Special!
  • Cart & Wheels incl.
  • Stain finish included
  • Special Soil Mix
  • ALL Cedar!
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$35 .00

& Up
  • Delivery & setup $50*
  • Greenhouse $35-$150
  • Custom plants +$30/box
  • Pushcart Stand $100
  • 100% Organic upgrade +$30
  • Support Blocks +$5/each
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15% off for 3 or more “Original” or “Tight Spaces” VeggieBoxes.
Only one delivery and set-up charge for each load delivered to the same location.
* *Within our Seattle/Shoreline service area. Higher delivery rates may apply in other areas. Note, all plant choices are subject to seasonal availability.

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